Powerful Insights for Brand Owners, Marketers & Researchers In A Matter of Hours

Analyzed from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Communications or Bring-Your-Own-Data

Today’s Market and Brands driven by digital is highly dynamic and human-centric. To strategize the growth and be successful in your business, Your need to deeply understand the Psychology of your Consumers. Powered by IBM Watson’s Cognitive technologies, Our Brand-Essence & Consumer DNA insights for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Custom data reveals valuable insights that can help you to understand the secret soul code of your consumers and your brand success code. 

Our Cognitive insights helps you in developing and growing emotionally engaging brands, products and services.

  • Brand Personality & Gender
  • Brand Experience, Relationships
  • Motivational Emotions
  • Experiential Emotions
  • Consumer Values & profile
  • Consumer personality profile
  • Context Discovery

Kick-Start with Cognitive Insights on-demand

With the explosion of human communications on social media and web, The Power of a Brand lies in what resides in the Minds and Hearts of Consumers.  It’s difficult to decipher and quantify this ‘human-truth’ that is influencing and critical to the success of markets and brands. TEXTIENT provides powerful brand and consumer insights faster through the lens of this human-truth.

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